AIPad IDO bonus tokens for participants

Joe @
1 min readMar 9, 2023

Shortly after the AIPad ID Bluezilla announced an allocation of bonus tokens for all IDO participants. The decision was driven due to the high demand of the IDO, the many participants and with that the smaller allocations.

Here are some further details on that original update:

- Every participant in the public round(s) on BSCPAD, ETHPad, GameZone and/or MetaVPad will receive additional AIPAD tokens! These free bonus tokens will automatically be added to your existing token unlocks on the launchpads. The bonus tokens will be added to your allocation before the first upcoming unlock

- Stay safe (be careful of spammers): there is no need to take any action or claim any tokens anywhere else except on our launchpads. Just lean back, enjoy the bonus and watch your score on the AIPAD leaderboard grow

And the first IDO on the AIPAD launchpad is also around the corner; expected even this month. More to follow shortly.