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Drip Garden is probably one of the parts where all the Drip community members will stick around on the Animal Farm. Labelled as a game by its founders, Drip Garden is where you can deposit DRIP/BUSD liquidity pairs and earn up to 3.33% daily. Definitely worth to have a closer look.

Drip Garden tries to be fair to all players, new joiners, but also people being active for a longer time. It is advertised for investors looking for long-term and sustainable profits. New joiners benefit from a lower entry price, unlike other games on the blockchain.

Another important aspect of the Drip Garden smart contract is its immutable code, which is opensource and so called trustless. What does that mean for you as a user? Everybody can review the code of the contract at an time. Probably nothing a normal investor would do, but the option is there. The code can also not be changed anymore. It got deployed and with that it will stay “as is”. Not even the developers can change it anymore. Not even the website of Drip Garden is required to keep it going. Totally decentralized as one would expect.

How to get started

So how do you start playing the Drip Garden game or how do you start investing? For a garden you need plants. Obviously. You buy plants using DRIP/BUSD LP tokens. These plants will start producing seeds. When you got enough seeds you can then choose: Either you use them in your own garden (compound) or you sell your seeds to other gardeners. Your garden will then continue to produce at the same speed. When you compound, your production rate will go up overtime.

The rewards you get from your garden do vary up to 3.33%. There is a so called Fertilizer Bonus you see at the top of the Dashboard. The bonus is dynamic depending on how many times you compound, how many times you sell, but also depends on the overall gardening habits of the community. i guess we have to see, how this plays out over time, but one can assume already now that the more you care about your own garden (meaning compounding and less selling), the higher your bonus will be.


There is a referral system behind the Drip Garden (of course): Once your wallet is connected to the Drip Garden dApp, you will notice that your referral address (this is mine) appear at the bottom of the page. When a new user buys plants after clicking on your personal referral link, the contract will send seeds worth 5% of their purchase to your garden immediately. You can then plant the seeds you earned with the bonus to grow a larger garden or sell them for DRIP/BUSD LP tokens.


With Drip Garden you will earn SEEDS, which you can sell for DRIP/BUSD LP tokens and buy further plants. That’s how the compound feature works. Important to remember that when you deposit DRIP/BUSD tokens you are swapping them for PLANTS. You can not withdraw them anymore as LP tokens.

Rewards explained:

- A plant is composed out of 2'592'000 SEEDS (=100%)
- A plant produces 86'400 SEEDS per day (=3.33%)
- It takes a PLANT 30 days to grow another PLANT (= 30x * 3.33% = 100%)


Taxes apply only to the following transactions:

- Pair DRIP/BUSD LP on external DEX: 10% for pairing and un-pairing, no tax for wallet transfers
- Un-pair DRIP/BUSD LP: no taxes

PancakeSwap is again an exception and you do not pay taxes to add liquidity to the system when using it.

3D Game in the works

There is also a 3D game using the Unity engine in the works. It is currently still in its beta phase (testing phase). I got an error pretty much at the beginning. You can select a character at the beginning to play with. Choose between a pig, dog, cow or horse. Give it a try, it looks fun, but I couldn’t get further then in the screenshot below due to an error. Perhaps you got more luck then I did. It looks cute for sure.

Thanks for your time reading my article. If you like, join my team below. Everybody is more then welcome to join.

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