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Surveys, surveys, surveys

Strategies and tips

  1. Read the questions thoroughly as there will be control questions included. They are mostly simple math tasks or you have to choose a certain item from a list.
  2. Answer honestly. Not only are control questions included, there are also cross check involved verifying that you provide consistent feedback. Simple example is by including the same question twice within the survey. Or the opposite question, where also the opposite answer is expected.
  3. Some providers include a quality score per user where they use quite advanced techniques to find out if your answers are consistent (and with that honest). If you provide feedback to a certain topic or lets say about a certain product, the provider expects replies with a certain subject matter expertise. Not only just some generic high-level feedback. This could lower your quality score, which you lead to be excluded by some providers.
  4. Timing: There also seems to be a difference in the number of points you can earn depending on your time in the day. So check back regularly, if you can earn more points later in your day or also earlier.
  5. If you do not get rewarded for a survey, open a ticket in the Cointiply support area and provide evidence about the completion. The guys are very helpful and do respond quickly.

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