Cointiply — Get paid in cryptos to do regular tasks

How does it work?

You can do one of the following activities to earn points on Cointiply:

  • Survey — There are several survey provides collaborating with Cointiply, so you should have always a bunch of tasks available to complete. In my experience you will receive most coins from completing these surveys.
  • View ads — Watch ads for a few seconds and earn some coins. Not a lot to do, not a lot of coins of course.
  • Roll the Faucet — Every hour you can play the free faucet and earn some free coins. There is a maximum of 308 coins to win.
  • Play the multiplier — Multiply your Coins up to 63x by playing the fun and addictive CointiPlay multiplier.
  • Play games — Play games and view ads to earn Coins. Available to all countries, every day!- Refer friends


This is mostly the tricky part in my experience with most of these faucet and activities sites, hence I was waiting with providing a review before I couldn’t confirm the withdrawing process works fine. So I just tried to withdraw the minimum amount of 30,000 coins (around 3 USD) to my litecoin wallet. How did it go?I used a mail from this domain, which somehow didn’t work. So I switched with the help of the Cointiply support to a Gmail address. This worked flawless. Support service is really great I have to say. Very responsive, friendly and gets the job done. (Thanks, Alex)

So here is the documented process:

  • Go to your Profile-Icon on the top-right and select “Withdraw”.
  • Select the currency you like to get paid in. I selected LTC given it got very low transaction fees. Add your LTC Wallet address and the amount you like to withdraw. Minimum is 30,000 points, which I used.
  • Confirm your withdrawal request by providing your password to receive a confirmation mail to approve the payment
  • Check your mail inbox and click on “Approve this payment”- Then you get a mail confirming that your amount is getting sent. This took a couple of hours in my case.
  • The Litecoin amount was received on my Binance wallet.

I will provide further details of my experience with the Cointiply site a bit later after gaining more experience. If you like to play around with it too, please feel free to use my referral link below. Interested to hear your feedback.

Withdrawal process gallery:



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