Cointiply Quests — Additional way to earn money

Joe @
2 min readJan 30, 2023


One of my favorite sites to gain additional money is still Cointiply. Never heard of Cointiply? Read my other articles about this site and how to earn money doing tasks; some very straight forward, some taking a little bit more effort, but provide you with higher reward.

Today I spotted a new feature offered: Quests. You will find the section in the menu “Earn Coins” and then “Cointiply Quests”. Looking at the list of the quests, they range from pretty much just collecting your free coins on a daily basis, up to more time intensive tasks.

Looking at these tasks, they look like side quests in a video game. Although also like an opportunity to grab free cash if you are working on the tasks anyway. So lets have a quick look on a few (easy) Quests Cointiply is offering currently:

- Collect daily free coins — This probably does not need any further explanation. Go and grab these free coins
- View a PTC (Paid to Click) Ad — Also easy coins to grab; just watch a PTC A before and get some additional reward
- There are more of these PTC Ad bonuses. If you view 20, 60 and 120 PTC ads you will get up to additional 400 coins
- Complete an Offer or Survey — Probably also quite an easy bonus quest if you are working on surveys anyway
- Redeem a Promo Code — Here there are also various stages if you redeem a single promo code or three
- Refer a Friend & Earn — If you refer a friend, this can give you additional 400 coins
- And there are many more, like having a balance of more then 30'000 or 55'000 coins, purchasing an ad, donate coins to the chat rain pool and more

What you have to keep in mind is to complete these quests in the given order, so they work like a linear game story: Complete a quest and only then can you move on to the next to claim your reward. And you can only claim one question per minute I figured out. So wait a little bit in between, watch a PTC Ad and then come back to claim your free coins.

Enjoy the additional reward.

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