Furio — 2 months — How do the profits look like?

This morning I thought about Furio and how long I am invested in the ecosystem already. By coincidence it was exactly 2 month ago, August 24th, where I invested and wrote my first article about Furio. Lets take this as an opportunity to see what happened since then and how my investment of 100 USD did so far.

Here is the original article from August, if you are interested to have a look: Furio — Another place on our journey to make millions(?).

Let’s recap a few facts (you know, I like facts):

- I invested 50 USD and started with around 5.9 $FUR tokens
- Compound interest started with 1.75% as everyone else in Furio
- I compounded regularly and never claimed, so went up to 2.5% after 28 days
- This is my 15th article about Furio
- I got a team of 7 (welcome and thanks for joining)
- I bought 1 team NFT for 5 $FUR (that’s the other 50 USD in case you were wondering)

So overall my investment costs were a little over 100 USD, for the $FUR tokens to deposit and the team NFT. 100 USD is what I usually invest if I start exploring a new project. So Furio was no difference then others in the beginning. The $FUR token price was around 8.24 USD. That was before the LMS (Liquidity Management System) was put in place by the dev team.

Per today, after about 2 months or around 65 days, and I just re-compounded right now, I got exactly 89.7 $FUR tokens in the Furvault. I got rewarded around 43.4 tokens from my team over time and compounded 40.3 tokens regularly with mainly 2.5%. These 2.5% make a huge difference if you compare it to other systems with 1%, just as a side note.

At the time of writing the token price is 5.48 USD. So my overall investment in the Furvault currently is worth around 491 USD. The compound today was 2.18 $FUR tokens, which is almost 12 USD. If I would start claiming my tokens I would drop to 1.75% immediately (I will not do this). This would be 1.57 $FUR or 8.60 USD. Quite a difference from 2.5%.

Overall, Furio is still my favorite Defi platform right now and I will keep compounding and profit from the 2.5%. How long? I don’t know yet to be honest….

Team link

Are you also interested in gaining up to 2.5% daily on your investment? Are you looking for a team to join or just like to follow me on that Defi journey? You are very welcome to join me by using below link and address:


Team address: 0xb3C253D80578f569cFd4fe2E916EDbF01B384577



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