Furio — Claim directly to Furpool (incl. more staking options)

Some updates on Furpool were communicated by the FDT (Furio Development Team) worth writing a short article. So what has changed?

Furpool offered so far boost staking periods of 30, 60 and 90 days. In the current marked conditions there were many requests to the dev team asking for longer and higher rewarding staking periods. And this is another aspect of Furio I like: They listen to their users or investors and are offering now exactly what people have asked for.

So what are the current staking periods and how much can you profit?

- No fixed staking period, you get a share of the daily rewards pool distribution based on your staked share of the pool as it used to be.
- 30 days staking: 2% boost of your daily share
- 60 days staking: 5% boost of your daily share
- 90 days staking: 10% boost of your daily share
- New: 120 days staking: 15% boost of your daily share
- New: 150 days staking: 20% boost of your daily share

These are quite appealing boosts you get on your daily share for the new staking periods, especially given the current market conditions.

To make staking easier for everybody, the Furvault offers now an option to claim(!) directly into the Furpool. See below screenshot with the new green button.

I guess every bodies question is straight forward: Does this effect my compounding ROI if I use it? And the answer is also straight forward: Yes, it does. So be careful with using the new functionality if you prefer on your high ROI of 2.5% as example: Claiming directly into the Furpool will also lower your ROI.

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