Furio ecosystem statistics — End September

Joe @ digital-coins.net
2 min readSep 30, 2022

I have to be honest: Furio is currently one of my favorite Defi projects. Not only because of its dynamic reward system, but also due to the constant updates and improvements by the team (a summary follows later today on that topic). This is also for sure one of the drivers of the increasing amount of participants on the Furio site: It keeps growing on a daily basis. And I am actually interested in how much Furio grows over time.

I started exploring statistics the Furio website offers around the ecosystem. Anyone interested in a regular update here? How often? Idea was like every Friday or over the weekend, so on a weekly basis.

The kind of data that is available and is of interest to see how the Furio ecosystem develops could be the following:

Of course you could look up the data yourself, if you want, so the intention is to provide a bit more value then just copy/pasting data: The idea is to enrich the provided data with charts to show the development across all the dimensions of the Furio ecosystem. I started collecting the data only today morning to be honest, hence there is no chart yet for the above data this time (week?). There will be one (or probably more, have to play around) next time.

Are there any other areas anyone is interested in then the above mentioned?

For this article I conclude with a price chart of the $FUR token from last month, which seems to stay stable at around 5.50 USD since the 18th September:

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