Furio — Reward levels compared — How much can you earn?

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3 min readSep 23, 2022


Yesterday I achieved the milestone of earning 2.5% daily on my initial investment in Furio. This is the highest level in their dynamic reward system and you can achieve it by not claiming/withdrawing from the ecosystem in a 28 days period.

For today’s article I am interested to see how much my investment and daily reward change over time gaining not only 1.75% but 2.5% per day. To complete the picture I calculated actually all the various levels Furio offers, starting with 0.5% up to the 2.5%.

As initial deposit I used 20 tokens given the current price of roughly 5 USD, so around 100 USD. Yes, you would have to buy more tokens, as you have to consider the buy and the deposit taxes of course. But to show the differences in the scenarios we keep it simple here. Also I didn’t consider the short period where you would get 1.75% and then you go down to only 0.5% for simplicity reasons.

So we have the scenarios with 0.5%, where you claim 4 times a week, 1.0% with 3 weekly claims, 1.25% with 2 weekly claims and 2.5% with only re-compounds until the 27'777 tokens (360% limit or 100'000 limit of tokens as per Whitepaper) are hit and then you claim with 0.5% for the remainder of the year. I added the values only in tokens, as I don’t have a crystal ball to see what the price of the $FUR token will be in a year. It is already quite interesting to see.

You have to probably zoom into the table to catch all the numbers:

As you can see, if you are patient and keep on re-compounding on a regular basis (or use auto-compound), you can build up quite a significant deposit and are able to withdraw a significant amount of tokens on a regular basis. If you use the 2.5% daily reward for a year, you can with a deposit of now around 100 USD you can withdraw 142 tokens daily after not even 300 days. At current price level around this is about 700 USD on a daily basis once you reach the 27'777 limit of $FUR tokens. Quite a valuable investments money and also time-wise if you ask me. Worth giving it a try, don’t you think so too?

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