Furio — Some updates on this Defi Champ

I am using Furio now for a little bit over 3 weeks and wanted to give you a some updates on what changed and what I learned since then:

Drip provides you with 1% daily. No matter how often you claim. If you hydrate twice a day, because you cannot expect to compound your rewards and see your balance grow. Or if you just re-compound once a week, the rewards remains (roughly) the same.

Unlike Drip, you have to re-compound on a daily basis. Why? Your reward will not increase any further after 24 hours, I realized. Once you hit your reward amount, be that 1.75% or 2.5%, once that limit is reached, your reward is not growing anymore until you re-compound. Be aware of this and make sure you compound daily to profit as much as possible.

Ok, but I really don’t have the time to do that or I am not willing to spend that time. What can I do in these cases? Furio got you covered here.

This is a really useful feature invented by the Furio team: Instead of you manually claiming your daily reward, you let the system do it yourself. You select the number of periods to auto compound, it shows you how much this costs in BNB, you pay and lean back. The system does it all for you. Isn’t that great? Pure passive-income I would say.

And the best thing: The team just lowered the fees the other week to 0.003 BNB. So as you see from below screenshot, I selected 4 “Auto Compound Periods” cost 0.012 BNB.

Is the feature worth it? I guess that is up to you to decide. Depending on your time and will to claim manually or not, how much you got invested in Furio, how many wallets you are managing, and so on.

The team is also continuing to update the user interface. As example the header got introduced showing you current balances in $FUR, USDC and your vault balance.There is also a link to the main site and the white paper. Sounds like a little update, but it gives the overall user interface somehow a lean and even more professional look in my opinion.

My first 28 days are almost over. Lets see, if I reach the 2.5% level going forward. I keep you in the loop.

Looking for a team to join or just like to follow me on that journey to the destination “Furio”, please feel free to use my referral link below. Everyone is very welcome here.




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