Furio Statistics December 16th

Joe @ digital-coins.net
3 min readDec 17, 2022

This is not just another Friday with data around the Furio ecosystem, I guess it is the last Friday where I publish the data in 2022. Given Christmas is around the corner. Hope you did all your gift shopping already :-)

I will keep it brief for this time to be honest, not too many things happened number wise. More happened on the Furio website, but I still have to check out on what all changed there. Furfi and Furbet got finally their menu entry and some cosmetic changes where implemented too.

The $FUR token remains pretty stable at around 90 cents as in the last couple of weeks.


We got 245 new wallets in the Furvault and an additional deposit count of 669. Looks like existing investors are taking the opportunity to buy cheap tokens to increase their investments. A good sign.

You see here in the delta chart that pretty much all dimensions increased a bit compared to the week before. Only the claims curve decreased, which is again positive for the overall ecosystem.

The deposited value continues to increase, also compared to the previous data points. See the blue chart line in the delta chart below. Compounding value continues to see its steady grow as expected. Doesn’t look like people are claiming.


The Furpool continues to grow. Not as much as in the previous week (+24.4%), but still by almost 13%. Additional 193 stakers joined the pool; we had 234 last week. Still significantly growth for the current market environment in my humble opinion.


The trading bot saw again a few positive trades and managed to reduce the overall losses from -10% to -9%. Steady progress, I like it. Also hoping that we see soon some more favorable market conditions which should also help the Furbot in supporting the whole ecosystem with additional liquidity.


Overall not too many movements this week. Steady growth everywhere, including Furbot. Looking at Thursdays market reaction after the FED meeting, Furio kept up pretty well. Just have a look at the BTC chart as example.

As mentioned in the introduction, I will probably not find the time to publish a article next week given the holiday season. Or I might publish a very brief update. Lets see, no promise.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas. Hope you can spend some time with your family and beloved ones. See you in 2023.

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