Furio Statistics December 2nd

Joe @ digital-coins.net
4 min readDec 3, 2022

Welcome to another episodes of the Furio Statistics article series. This time more interesting then ever as we had some developments in the last couple of days.

As I was travelling yesterday, I only collected the numbers, quickly so they are from the 2nd, but got only some time for the article today. Number-wise the weekly Friday schedule remains. Lets dive in.

I guess every Furio investors is in the meantime aware of the $FUR token value decrease. When it was still 4.45 USD at the time of writing last week, the FDT (Furio Development Team) had to take measures (read their articles for details) and reduce the token price range by the LMS (Liquidity Management System) from originally 4.50–5.50 USD to 0.90 -1.10 USD. And that is exactly where the value of the token currently sits: At 90 cents. I can understand that many investors are not happen with this move, especially the ones just joined before that, but keep in mind, that if you believe in the overall system, this could be a great opportunity to buy the token cheap or increase your current investment for a even better price. Or buy NFT’s cheap. Or invest in the Furpool cheap. Quite some options here. Lets see how the ecosystem developed and if the options are really an opportunity.


In the Furvault we see a small increase of investors: 232 new wallets joined the vault. This is an increase of 1.9%. Last week the increase was 1.8%, so this is a positive development. We also see that people stick to their compounding schedule, it is quite a straight line in the chart (yellowish part). The claims count increased this week only 9.7% compared to almost 14% last week. Either people are less claiming into the Furpool or trust is increasing again by its investors, which would be a very good sign overall.

In the delta chart below you see the drop of claims (green) very clearly. Also the further increase of deposit and participant counts can be judged as a positive sign.

The value charts show actually a very similar picture to the count-charts. The compound value staying stable, claims value delta dropping (yellow in the delta chart), and the deposit value going up (blue in the delta chart) below. I would regard both of these data point as increased trust in the ecosystem, given all the FUD we read across all channels lately. But things need to be monitored of course.


A whopping increase of more then 90% in stakers. The number always double from 1126 to 2155. I know barely visible in the chart below, but it is significant. Still assume this is to the direct-claim functionality in the vault. The staked amount in the Furpool increased also by 20.7%, which is quite a step forward too. A positive week for Furpool.


Lets start with the NFT’s, as there were a short time window where they sold a few. 11 to be precise.

The Furbot itself had a mixed bag of trades, some positives, some negatives, as you would expect. Alhtough the number of positive results increase. I know the statement of the FDT article stating to judge the bot only on a annual basis. That is not what we are doing here. We look at the results on a weekly basis and overall. And overall the bot is down another 100k this week. The balance is currently at 2.461k USD, or a decrease of 3.9%. Overall the absolute profit (loss) sits at 12.08%.


As I mentioned above, this week was not as bad as written in quite a few articles across the week. Very positive for Furpool, new investors are joining the ecosystem, and the low token give in my humble opinion (no financial advise as always) great opportunities to increase your investment.

How do you see the current state of Furio and its outlook? Feedback as always appreciated.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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