Furio Statistics December 9th

Joe @ digital-coins.net
4 min readDec 10, 2022

Do you know what the biggest challenge is for me for such a weekly article series? Finding an interesting image. Showing always the Furio logo got boring, if you ask me, hence trying to find something else. If you got a nice picture to use, please let me know.

And coincidentally that was exactly how far I came writing the article yesterday, until my hoster decided to initiate a database migration and my site was …… gone. So similar situation as last week: the data is from Friday as usual, the article got only written today (on a small laptop).

Alright, enough of numbers, pictures and databases, lets look at real numbers around our favorite Defi system.

The LMS (Liquidity Management System) keeps the token currently stable within the “new” range of 0.90 and 1.10, currently still at 0.90USD. So no change compared to last week.


A welcome to 108 new Furio investors. Yes, 108 new investors. Probably the lowest number since gathering the data. Not surprising given there was no real change in the market sentiment. The Fear & Greed index is currently still at 27, meaning still “Fear”. The deposits obviously follow this trend with less deposits.

We continue to see a stable upward trends in the compounds and overall transaction chart. People continue to compound. I see a positive change with the negative trend of the claims. As you see in the green line in the chart above the claims go further down and are not increasing any further. Although, this statement is only valid for the number of claims. I you compare the value of these, they increased from 1.6 to 1.8m. So investors with bigger bags seem to claim more from the Furvault.

Not much to say additionally on the below chart. The obvious trend change being the claim value upward trend getting reduced, percentage wise at least.


The Furpool saw more additional stakers then the Furvault; additional 234 investors again this week. The overall staked value increased also again by 24%. Again I see a connection with the money being claimed from the Furvault and added to the Furpool. Although lets be honest: The additional money is only 10% worth of what was claimed by the Furvault. So for sure not all the money remains in the ecosystem currently.


The Furbot saw for sure a better week this time then last week. The overall profit from -12.08 improved to -10.12%. So a positive week with a gain of 54'000 USD overall, which is great to see finally. Lets hope the trend continues and we see finally black numbers overall around Furbot.


Overall I think the challenging environment continues and Furio is no exception to it. Still we see additional investors joining the ecosystem. Also Furbot saw some good trading days. Hope the algorithm is getting further optimized and we see finally some additional cash from that side too.

What is your view on this week? Feedback as always much appreciated.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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