Furio Statistics November 11th

Joe @ digital-coins.net
4 min readNov 11, 2022

Another week, another Friday, another article about facts and figures around the Furio ecosystem. This is the seventh week of collected data and I am happy to see that all of the charts show an overall upwards trend. Even Furbot is this week on the positive side. But lets take one step after another. Ready? Lets go.

Our beloved $FUR token is at the upper end of the LMS (Liquidity Management System) range with 5.45$. Remember, the range is set between 4.50 and 5.50$. Hitting the lower or upper side and the LMS is either buying or selling the $FUR token to keep it stable within the range set.

Furio Vault

The Furio Vault is still growing. Not as fast as it used to grow in the last couple of weeks, I know it is hardly visible in the chart below, but compared to the other weeks, it grew “only” 6.9%, while we were used to a 9% or even higher percentage in the past. I didn’t collect daily stats, but assume there were less investors participating after the steady market decrease yesterday (Thursday), when Bitcoin went down to less then 16'000 USD. And with Bitcoin the rest of the market followed.

With that we saw also less capital deposited in the vault. 90'000 additional net new money entered the vault, while we saw 120'000 and more in the past. This shouldn’t be complaining, but if you regard it as such, it is on a very high level. Furvault is still growing, even in these times of a bearish market, with the Fear & Greed index being in the “Extreme Fear” range with 25.

We also saw an increase in the claimed value this week: It increased by 16% compared to last week. This is quite a bit higher as in the past where we saw increases between 10 and 12%. Again, I guess this has to do with the market conditions; having liquidity in these market conditions can lead to very good opportunities (if you got the right timing…..).


Similar movement for the Furpool: A steady grow of stakers, but the curve has flatten for this week as well. Not only the number of investors grew less then the last weeks, also the additional staked capital increased this week by 7,8% compared to 9.1% last week or 28% before that. This is clearly visible in the chart. Still an increase overall.


This week was very profitable for Furbot Closed Pool. Just look at the chart below. It needed just a couple of profitable days and Furbot is now — even absolute — in profit. A small profit overall still, but it is profitable. Currently only 0.25%. But if it can keep the trend with the positive trades, there will be a bright future for Furbot.

There was not a single sale for the NFTs this week. I hope with the more positive news about the trading results, hopefully also going forward, we should see more sells of them more often again.

This reminds me to include the open pool then as well going forward. Assume, all NFT holders (including myself), would be very interested to see how that pool will develop.


To conclude: The crypto market saw a few challenging days this week. Even with these black swan events (FTX anyone?) Furio is continuing to grow. On a smaller scale this week though, but the overall ecosystem is still growing. A great sign for all of us as investors. I am also glad to see positive trades for Furbot and keep my fingers crossed for more positive trades in the coming week(s). We will for sure have a look at it next Friday.

I wish you all a great weekend. As always, feedback and comments are more then welcome. Thanks for your time.

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