Furio Statistics November 4th

Joe @ digital-coins.net
4 min readNov 4, 2022

First let me thank you for all the responses and feedback I got regarding last weeks statistics article. Those were really appreciated. Love it when everybody shares theirs knowledge and we all can learn together. Learning is the key to get improve. Many thanks for this.

Now on to this weeks numbers:

The $FUR token is a 5.47 USD currently, slight increase. And as some of you guys pointed out correctly, it will remain within the range of 4.50 and 5.50 USD given the LMS (Liquidity Management System) will sell when it reaches the upper limit (or buy on the lower side of course). So we are on the good side being close to the 5.50 USD limit is the conclusion here.

Furio Vault

The $FUR vault keeps on growing on a weekly basis. Also this week another 900 new investors (or wallets to be probably more precise) deposited tokens in the Vault. An increase of 9.2% again; slight smaller increase then last week where we had over 10% growth. The Deposits increased by exactly 10% of net new money, while the compounds grew by 12.1%. We also saw more investors claiming $FUR tokens, 6.5% more compared to the previous week. Comparing the claimed amount of 799'208 to the deposited of 1'631'068 we see that still much more money is flowing into the overall ecosystem. We can still say Furio is growing a lot. That is even without considering the taxes.

Also the taxes increase constantly, in line with the rest of the ecosystem, by again a bit more then 14% supporting the overall platform.


Same story as we just saw for the Furvault goes for the Furpool: Another increase of investors by 10% also this week. The total amount increased by a similar number of 9%, a bit smaller though, meaning mostly investor with slightly smaller bags joined the pool to support it.

Also the token price is this time updated. Thanks for all the feedback regarding the Pancakeswap bug showing a wrong number, I wasn’t aware of that. Last weeks number got updated and remains almost the same for this week at a price of currently 4.75 USD.


Looking at the Furbot figures it is worth highlighting that the Furbot received much more liquidity to work with: We saw so far a deposit of about 500k USD as the bots balance. This got increased by 160% up to 1.3m USD. At the same time we see in the below chart (I am using the profit chart going forward, as this is what we are probably most interested in) that the performance of the bot increased as well. Looks like there were some profitable trades lately. I guess a combination of additional liquidity and market environment. This still leaves the overall profitability of the bot a -2.08% for the first month.

NFT-wise there wasn’t much movement as only 2 were sold this week. Well, we discussed this a couple of times already; not much more was expected given the bots performance so far. Fingers crossed that this will increase now going forward, I guess some tuning of the algorithm will happen too, and I am sure the NFT’s will sell more quickly.


All in all another positive week for the overall Furio ecosystem with a constant growth again. With that I conclude for this week and thank you again for your time reading the article. As always feedback and your opinions are very welcome. Thanks in advance. Enjoy your weekend.

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