HNW Refinery — 90 days — How much did I earn?

Remember my article back in May? When the crypto world was still in paradise. A few days later the Luna crash occured. the rest is history.

So time to review how my investment into the HNW refinery is doing. Lets recap quickly: I bought 100 tokens at 0.37 for a total of 37.55 USD. Removing the buy tax costs I ended up with 95 tokens which I deposited into the refinery. What happened since then?

Well, as you can imagine the token price of HNW is not where it used to be anymore. Similar as all the alt-coins the price of the token decreased drastically. Not as bad as some alt-coins which are down 99%, but it is down 90%. Checking the dashboard this morning the prices is at 0.039 USD.

How money tokens do I have? Remember, the refinery pays between 0.8 and 1.2% daily rewards.As I didn’t buy any xSK tokens (yet) I got 0.8%. I didn’t claim on a daily basis given the fee costs, but claimed regularly. So how does my dashboard look like?

As you can see my amount of tokens increase quite a bit: From 95 to over 700 tokens. Of course, given the price reduction of 90%, and a token increase of around 700%, still gives a loss overall. I invested 37.50 USD, the investment is currently 27.59 USD worth.

What next? Well, given the increase of the tokens with pretty much no effort, just pressing the button every couple of days, I will definitely continue growing my tokens. Should the overall value of the crypto market increase in the coming months then I expect to be in the profit zone pretty soon.

If you like to join the journey, please feel free to use my address as wingman:


If you need guidance on how to be part of the refinery, please have a look at my previous article. There is a step-by-step tutorial in there.

Any feedback or questions? Always welcome and appreciated.



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