HNW Refinery — Is this the new Drip?


The team behind HNW is, as per their Whitepaper, a “team of professionals who want to change the crypto space through hard work, ingenuity, and trust.” And this is intended to be achieved by community building the best offers to clients and investors. It is mentioned a several places that the teams mission and number on priority is to keep the investors money safe. That is a good starting point I would say.

  • HFUEL: To keep it short, this is actually the only token you need to start earning with the refinery. You deposit HFUEL tokens, which will allow you to earn rewards from your deposit.
  • HNW (xHNW): Mainly used for team leaders, or wingmen, as they are called here. Staking of these tokens is required to increase the maximum payout of your wallet. See picture below.
  • Sidekick (xSK): Staking of xSK can increase your daily reward from 0.8% up to 1.2%. See picture below too.

Tutorial — how to get started

Lets keep this article a bit shorter then intended first, a follow-up is planned, lets have a look at the steps I took to get started. Feel free to use it as tutorial for yourself too.

  • Metamask using the Binance Smart Chain
  • Some BNB (or BUSD) to buy HFUEL tokens and then also some BNB’s to pay the gas fees obviously

Steps to deposit in the refinery:

  1. Head over to the HNW dashboard.
  2. On the left side click on HFUEL to open the menu and then click on “Buy”. This directs you to PancakeSwap and you can add directly the HFUEL token to the token list to swap. Just accept adding the token to your list.
  3. Swap your BNB or BUSD for HFUEL tokens.
  4. Head back to the HNW site and click on “Refinery” and then on “Pipeline”.
  5. As a first step here you have to select your “wingman”. This is your team leader in the system. Either do your own research for your preferred wingman or feel free to add my address to support my journey in this area: 0xb3C253D80578f569cFd4fe2E916EDbF01B384577. Make sure to confirm the transaction.
  6. Then it is time to deposit the HFUEL tokens. Either hit “Max” or enter the number of HFUEL tokens you like to deposit. Once the number is added, click on “Approve” and then “Deposit”.
  7. As soon as your deposit is done, you will see your number in the dashboard in the section “Available” starts increasing.

Claim or refuel?

Once you deposited your HFUELs in the refinery you start earning rewards. As mentioned, depending on your stake of xSK between 0.8 and 1.2% daily. You can claim (5% tax) these and sell (15% tax) your tokens if you like.

And now?

So is this the new Drip? Before jumping to conclusions, lets explore the system further, lets see how the deposit growths, lets refuel to gain more. And lets have a follow-up to see if this investments was worth it.



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