I joined the Drip community — Ready to make millions

Joe @ digital-coins.net
3 min readAug 16, 2022


Yes, I joined finally the Drip community and bought my first tokens. Why now?


First lets start of with what Drip actually is. As you are reading the article I assume you are either familiar with Drip or you at least heard about it. Either as life changing money maker providing a 1% daily return or as scam and ponzi-scheme where you loose all your money.

So in other words: You either hate or love it. As always there is not only a black and white view, there is much more to it.

Lets have a look at the facts, eg. Whitepaper:

- BEB-20 token on the BNB Chain (Binance, BSC)
- Captures value by being scarce, deflationary, censorship resistance and being built on a robust decentralized blockchain
- Got its own little exchange under the “swap” tab waiving buy tax
- Deposited in the faucet will provide a consistent 1% daily return
- Liquidity provider options by providing BNB
- 10% on all transactions
- Referral system to manage your team (eg. like aidrops) and earn from your downline
- BR34P token required to earn from your downline

So the heart of the system is the 1% daily return, which can be claimed or hydrated (compounded). This gives huge returns over time due to the compounding effect. That is exactly what I will start reporting about, like I did with HNW Raffinery. But more often. Promised.

Why did I buy now?

Well, looking at the price chart of the token it came down quite a lot. Drips all-time-high was at around 160USD. Today the price is below 10 USD. There seems to be some momentum coming back to the drip token as its price increase from 5 to 10 USD. Also I read about marketing campaigns that are getting started. Hence I thought the time is actually good to buy my initial investment.

How to start earning

So I started by buying some Drip tokens on the Fountain Swap. 10.65 to be precise, remember the 10% tax on all transactions. So around 100 USD deposited at current price level. Just for the records.

Get a Buddy: As I read from so many sources about Drip in the meantime I didn’t want to select a single buddy, but ignore all the others who provided valuable content. That would be unfair. So I decided to use the overall dev wallet as buddy to support further development and marketing of the network and community and support everyone with that. (Does anyone know if this has any negative impact one way or the other? I couldn’t find anything related to that).

Then I deposited the 10 tokens in the faucet. Now it is time to wait and claim my reward tomorrow. Or the day after. Depending on the fees I pay… but hey, I am ready to make millions.

Are you interested in joining me on that journey (and make millions)? If you are, please feel free to use my buddy link below and lets explore the Drip network (finally) together:



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